About the Antimicrobial Resistance Initiative


Iowa State’s Antimicrobial Resistance Initiative was formed in 2015 to coordinate university-wide efforts to address the grand challenge of AMR. This research initiative has pulled together every ISU college, as well as USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, for a team of more than 60 investigators using systems-oriented and integrated approaches – research, education, and outreach – to tackle AMR’s growing threat.

What is AMR?

Iowa State UniversityAntimicrobial resistance, or antibiotic resistance, is the ability of microorganisms to fight off the very drugs used to stop them in their tracks, which contributes to the persistence and spread of infection. AMR threatens human, animal and environmental health, incurring multi-billion dollar medical costs and economic losses every year.

Our Vision

Iowa State University will become a national and international leader in combating AMR, contributing to the health improvement of humans, animals, and the environment, and facilitating economic policy development in the state of Iowa and beyond.